Introducing children to the faithful, loving kindness of God found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Contact Dori Low, Children's Ministry Director at dori@millbraebible.org for more info.



NURSERY  |  10:45a - 12:15p

Every Sunday during our Sunday Service we have care for your tiny ones!

Sunday, 10:45a - 12:15p

Pre-K & K  |  10:45a - 12:15p

A specially designed worship experience for the little ones!

Sunday, 10:45a - 12:15p

1st-5th Graders

9: 30 - 10:30a

Experiential integration of Biblical lessons and truth through art, cooking, science & drama. The kids truly love this time!

10:45a - 12:15p

It's all about "What's in the Bible?" - a fun, interactive time where children connect in both a large group and in small groups.



Kids for Christ (KfC)

2nd / 4th FRIDAYS, 7:00 - 9:30p

KfC is a fun, activity-filled evening of fellowship & learning from the Bible for 2nd to 5th graders at MBC.